The Watches of the NBA

It’s not a secret that the hugely rich and famous players of the National Basketball Association hold a few things to be sacred. Amongst the shortlist of these sacred things are the game, sneakers, Kobe, the Celtics v Lakers rivalry, and luxury watches. Whilst the official watch brand of the NBA is Tissot, you’ll see Continue Reading

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Blind Barber Tompkins Scented Candles

The Best Candles For Men – The Manly Scents For Home

A manly candle isn’t really a thing let’s be honest, but there is something ‘manly’ about the scent of wood and tobacco that most candles just don’t have. We get it, you’re building a man cave. You’ve set up a nice leather sofa, you’ve got a surround sound speaker system and a 4K TV with Continue Reading

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Saloman Hydro Handset

4 of the Best Water Bottles for Hikers

Staying hydrated is crucial when you’re on a serious hike. Essential for energy (and not stumbling dehydrated into a ravine), drinking water while you’re on the go is not to be overlooked. Unfortunately, keeping yourself topped up can sometimes be a downright hassle. From scrabbling for your bottle hooked to the back of your bag, Continue Reading

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Blunt Metro Yellow Umbrella

Our 4 Favourite Umbrellas for Autumn 2018

The summer may have been a scorcher, but soon it will be time to pack away the flip flops in favour of waterproofs, jumpers and Wellington boots. As the autumn showers and the wintery weather descends, having a good umbrella handy will leave you smug and dry while everyone else is scurrying for shelter. If Continue Reading

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Hugging in the Workplace - The Masculine Hug

The Politics of the Masculine Hug

Something as pleasant as a hug shouldn’t be wrapped up in a whirlwind of social, personal, emotional and cultural baggage. Unfortunately, when it comes to hugging, many men are all at sea… Some of you will be confident huggers, who embrace their mates and even new clients without a second thought. Others will be strongly Continue Reading

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