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4 of the Best Water Bottles for Hikers

Staying hydrated is crucial when you’re on a serious hike. Essential for energy (and not stumbling dehydrated into a ravine), drinking water while you’re on the go is not to be overlooked. Unfortunately, keeping yourself topped up can sometimes be a downright hassle. From scrabbling for your bottle hooked to the back of your bag, or digging into your pack Continue Reading

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Facetune app image

3 Apps To Smarten Up Your Smartphone

  We don’t want to sound like your granddad, but it’s not easy keeping up with the kids these days, especially in the smartphone stakes. Last month it may have seemed like every under 25 year old lived and breathed only for Snapchat, today Snapchat is a barren wasteland – at least according to the Zeitgeist (whoever that is). Apps Continue Reading

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Special Edition Single Watch Winder

The New Barrington Watch Winders

Here at Barrington we’re pleased to announce the launch of six new single watch winders, all of which are made from original wood veneers. Based in Buckinghamshire, our new models are crafted locally, with the same precision manufacturing associated with the Barrington brand. Our commitment to creating innovative new winders, that combine style and reliability, can be found in each Continue Reading

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6 WhatsApp hacks that will upgrade your chats

6 WhatsApp Hacks That Will Upgrade Your Chats

Whether you’ve left an acquaintance on “two blue ticks” for two weeks and can’t face the social awkwardness of getting back to them after such a long time, can’t handle the mayhem of the 440 group chat messages you missed while you were in that meeting, or just want to manage your messaging a little more intelligently, we’ve rounded up Continue Reading

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