Hugging in the Workplace - The Masculine Hug

The Politics of the Masculine Hug

Something as pleasant as a hug shouldn’t be wrapped up in a whirlwind of social, personal, emotional and cultural baggage. Unfortunately, when it comes to hugging, many men are all at sea… Some of you will be confident huggers, who embrace their mates and even new clients without a second thought. Others will be strongly anti-hug, far more likely to Continue Reading

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Charming Modern Men

Can Modern Men still be Charming?

The days of ostentatiously holding doors for women, laying your clock in a puddle for queens to safely cross and standing to attention when female companions leave the dinner table may have gone the way of other infuriating forms of everyday sexism, but is there still space for men to be charming in 2018? Is charm synonymous with self-satisfied sleaze Continue Reading

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Makeup for Men

Where Do You Stand on Man Makeup?

The rise of the metrosexual man is old news, subsumed by the era of his hipster progeny, the “lumbersexual” man (with his – ironically – beautifully groomed beard). Most of us are now regular manscapers, while the rise of products like beard oil has given many blokes more opportunity to lavish attention on their faces. If we happen tobe somewhere Continue Reading

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