Whether you celebrated the new year in suave style or in bad taste, the Barrington Watchwinder team would like to wish you an exceedingly dapper 2018.

Men's Fashion 2018

To help you on your path towards a sleeker, even more debonair year, a fresh January offers a fresh opportunity to look back and reflect on the year that has gone. 2017 was, for some, a controversial year. For others, it was just plain cataclysmic. But whatever your take on current affairs, there were certainly plenty of style lessons to learn along the way.

From the trend bandwagons you probably shouldn’t have launched yourself gleefully onto, to new horizons that have been opened up, 2017 was a great year for fashion – and especially for menswear. If you happen to be too busy with your New Year’s resolutions to reflect on the 2017’s style lessons, don’t worry. We’ve wrapped up some key takeaways for you to apply to your wardrobe in 2018.


1. Dad dressing looks damn good

Who’d have thought it? Google any image of “dads in the nineties” and you’ve got yourself a bona fide look. Dad dressing, once spurned as the graveyard of fashion, looks surprisingly on trend when worn with a dash of panache. While the “schlubby” aspects of “dad fashion” should be avoided (steer clear of that three day stubble at all costs), many elements will make appearances in style-conscious wardrobes in 2018. Time to stock up on sports socks, practical sandals and windbreakers.


2. Men can peacock too

Red carpets witnessed an increasing number of flashy, creatively dressed male VIPs in 2017. In many areas of society gender boundaries are being pushed (and increasingly abandoned). Red carpet fashion is no exception, liberating gentlemen from the confines of black tie. If you feel driven to be more expressive in your dressing, the 2017 red carpet attire of the likes of flaming-cowboy-booted Harry Styles are the crest of a more vibrant wave you need to join.


3. Old fashioned fabrics feel right

If you didn’t crack out the corduroy and velvet in 2017, make this the year you indulge in some vintage, textured fabrics. Stiffer, heavier fabrics with a vintage 60s and 70s feel (ideally in era-appropriate camel shades) are a strong, enduring trend in menswear, particularly when it comes to more structured pieces of outerwear.


What style lessons have you taken from 2017? Will you be channeling more of your personality into your wardrobe in 2018? Do you love or loathe “dad fashion”? Have your say below.

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