Were you already in the workplace back in the 1970s? If you were, you may not look back on that particular period of fashion fondly, but your younger colleagues may have an altogether different take on the workwear of the day…

Should You Embrace a Seventies Suit?

That’s because Seventies style has been influencing fashion runways worldwide for a number of seasons now, and its rise in popularity has begun to make inroads in the British workplace.

For those of us not confined to a sensible, mainstream black or grey suit and tie, the altogether flashier colour combinations of the Seventies (complete with their fun vintage appeal) are increasingly making an appearance on shoulders of more fashion-forward employees. We’ve certainly clocked some retro references making their way in the the Barringtons Watch Winder offices.

From Brooks Brothers to GH Bass, Prada to Paul Smith, designers have been cladding their muses and models in warm brown shades, slim-cut but loose-fitted two pieces, adventurously coloured shirts, contrasting ties and vintage aviator spectacles.

So should you jump on board with the trend? And how can you tone down the look to suit your workplace wardrobe?

Colour me vintage

If you want to nod to the trend without going “full vintage” embracing an iconic Seventies colour palette is most certainly the way to go. Think rich browns when it comes to picking out and new suit. The darker you go, the less of an impact the look will have, so you can pitch your palette accordingly. To really embrace Seventies shades, pair your earthy coloured suit with a daring shirt colour. Lemony yellows and spring-like greens make an especially bold but effective match.

Get textured

Whether it’s simply a stiffer fabric than you’re used to, or you want to go full corduroy, getting a little more textured will give your look a Seventies note. If you have a more casual workplace, a silk shirt is also a Seventies staple enjoying a fashion Renaissance.

Look the part

Short sighted? Long sighted? Astigmatic? It doesn’t matter, just ditch your contacts and swap them for a pair of Seventies frames. Thin gold rims and oversized styles will add a stylish Seventies touch which looks very dashing this season.

Are you ready to embrace Seventies workwear or do you think the look should stay in last century where it belongs? Have your say below.