If you love our watchwinder boxes, we’re willing to bet that you have something of a penchant for the nostalgic. Modern technology and products are all very well, but there’s something about older kit which has a certain romantic appeal, whether you’re into vinyl or vintage style. Sometimes doing things the slower, “old fashioned” way is simply more of a pleasure.

Plenty of people feel this way about photography. With the rise of the smartphone and instagram, it’s easier than ever before to snap and share without a second’s thought. But what if you love the art and the technique of photography? Or simply the surprise of seeing how your prints come out? Polaroid stopped producing it’s traditional instant film in 2008, to the woe of vintage camera lovers everywhere.

It may be tricky (not to mention expensive) to use the old fashioned stuff these days, but a fresh crop of modern instant cameras is springing up to fill the gap. Here are our favourites…

1. Polaroid Z2300 (£159.99)

Polaroid Z2300

This cross between a digital and an instant camera may not be one for the purists, but it does give you the power to snap, crop and print pictures all at the touch of a button. From adding borders, to picking filters, this instant camera doesn’t give you the joy of the unexpected, but for fast, bright, punchy prints on the fly, it’s pretty good!

2. Polaroid SNAP (£89.99)

Polaroid SNAP

For the traditionalists, the new, cheaper Polaroid SNAP may come closer to the mark, with a more classic style of shooting and printing, which still offers plenty of handy features (like a self timer, 3 colour modes and Zero Ink printing). Prints take around a minute to print and measure 2” x 3”.

3. Instax Mini Neo 90 (£129.99)

Instax Mini Neo

With its retro inspired good looks the Instax Mini Neo is one of the best loved “new instants” on the market. Unlike many of the models in the market, this camera pitches itself at the more artistically inclined rather than for “fun” use, with bulb and double exposure mode alongside some more sophisticated features.

Did you have an instant camera back in the day? Would you use one now? Share your memories and your picks with other readers below.