Summertime, a time for putting our timepieces back in their watchwinders, emerging from out man caves and enjoying all that the Great British Summer has to offer – when it’s offering, that is.

Each week we serve up some of the best bits, pieces, odds, end, gadgets and gizmos to house in your man cave, but sometimes we all need to catch a dose of UV and enjoy the smell of sizzling meat. That’s why this blog is all about the finest BBQs currently available in the UK.

There’s a clear trend emerging on British shores, which takes the American grill as inspiration. Low and slow cooked meat, lovingly made BBQ fare, carnivorousness on another level altogher… So to help you make the most of the British BBQ Renaissance, we’ve compiled some of the absolute best barbecues on the market in 2015…

1. Big Green Egg (£700)

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This beautiful little contraption is the Big Green Egg, an entirely ceramic BBQ, which gives it impressive heat retention and admirable temperature control. It’s also great for low, slow, economic cooking – it takes no more than a handful of charcoal to cook pork to perfection over 20 hours. Pricey? Yes. Genius? Also yes.

2. FoxHunter Stainless Steal 4 Burner Barbecue (£180)

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If you’re looking for a more economic little number with plenty of tricks up its sleeve, this is a good option. Portable, sturdy, reliable, the FoxHunter even comes with 4 individual burners so you can cook every item on the menu to BBQ perfection.

3. Landmann Tennessee Smoker (£170)

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This is an amazing bit of kit at this price, especially if you’re all about that delicious BBQ smokiness. You can even use this splendid piece of equipment as a cold smoker for salmon etc. That’s because this is an offset barbecue, which funnels heat and smoke from the fuel chamber to the grill and out through the chimney.

If you so wish, you can use this as a standard barbecue by topping up the main grill with coal from the side chamber. It’s brilliantly versatile, dead clever and has enough room to cook an awful lot of meaty goodness simultaneously. Oh, and did we mention it makes an amazing, flavour-packed slow cooker?

What’s your ultimate barbecue? Share your favourite recipes and equipment with other readers below.