The summer holidays may be over, and with them, your opportunity to unwind with a good book may have drifted away like a pile of autumn leaves, but the summer isn’t the only time to get stuck into a page-turner. Colder weather means more excuses to stay cosy inside, to hunker down in coffee shops and to swap your cycle to work for a commute on public transport – all the more reason to get your nose stuck in a book!

In case you need any more persuasion, there are all sorts of fantastic eBook and eReader related updates, goodies and accessories now on the market – all primed to make you want to crack on with that classic on your “must read” list, the chart-topper your mate’s been banging on about, or that nonfiction tome your colleagues won’t stop referencing.

To give you a bit more bibliophilic fodder, we’ve rounded up five of the Barrington Watchwinder team’s favourite new eBook goodies…

1. Waterfi Waterproof Kindle

Waterproof kindle

It might be another year before you’re poolside with a good book, but that doesn’t rule out a solid literary session in the bath. Waterfi are electronics waterproofing experts and they’ve given the Kindle their “PlatinumX” treatment – a waterproof shielding allowing you to take your eBook to depths up to 65 metres, if you fancy a read while you scuba dive.

2. iBeani stand

eBook stand

Partial to a book at bedtime? You’ve probably encountered the problem of exactly where to prop your novel so you can read hands free. Holding it above your head while you’re horizontal isn’t just tiring, it’s also just plain dangerous and reading on your side is topple-ville. This next, sleek and modern design is the perfect thing for propping up your eReader, without looking unattractively functional.

3. Gold initialed eBook case

luxury ebook case

Now for something good-looking. While eBooks might lack the charm of a book cover you can impress other people with, there are plenty of attractive options which will give your reading time a little more style to add to its substance. We like this initialled option, get yours personalised and treasure your device just a little more…

4. Brown leather personalised case

Leather eBook case

Enjoy a vintage feel and the luxuriousness of leather? Deck out your eBook in a soft leather cover, complete with your own personalised inscription. This cover design fits like a glove, with extra handy pockets and plenty of suave styling, perfect for upgrading the look of any eReading device.

Do you love eBooks or are you still loyal to the “good old fashioned” way? What’s on your eBook screen at the moment? Share your current literary picks with other readers below.