Here at Barrington Towers the Barrington watchwinder team fall into one of two camps: those who loathe to cook and those who live to cook. If you belong to the latter camp, we’ve got a treat for you today.

If you love nothing more than trying out a new recipe, a new ingredient or a new cuisine in the kitchen – and generally getting your inner Heston Blumenthal on – you’ll understand the joy of having a new kitchen gadget to play with.

From 2015’s omnipresent spiralizers, to this year’s “clean eating” trend, there’s nothing like trying out something new in the kitchen to reignite your passion for all things culinary. With that in mind, we’ve hand-picked four amazing new kitchen gadgets that will seriously stir your pot, even if you only use them that one time

1. Anova Nano Bluetooth Sous Vide

Nano sous vide

Cooking sous vide is a technique favoured by some of the finest chefs in the world. Anova has just made cooking sous vide accessible to us mere mortals with their insanely impressive connected Nano sous vide device. Built to fit virtually any pot, this stupidly smart gizmo connects to a smartphone app which allows you to monitor temperature and time perfectly, even combining multiple Nanos at once to orchestrate an amazing meal.

2. Nuni Tortilla Toaster

Tortilla toaster

Perhaps a little less sophisticated than a sous vide stick, but still ridiculously covetable for anyone who loves themselves some Mexican food, this decadent tortilla toaster will give you the power to serve up perfectly crunchy tacos with piping hot, flavoursome fillings.

3. Kilner Jar Butter Churner

Butter churner

Are you the kind of home cook who loves to make things from scratch. Prepare to meet your new obsession, a ready-to-go butter churner you can pop onto any standard Kilner jar. If you don’t yet know how incredible freshly churned butter tastes, you’re about to find out – and it’s going to be far less labour-intensive than alternative churning techniques. Trust us, your homemade butter will blow your mind.

4. Click and Grow Wall Farm Mini

Wall farm

Can’t get enough of fresh produce? This mini Wall Farm (a smaller version of Click and Grows full size farm) gives you the power to grow your own all year round, quickly and easily – and there’s no dirt involved! Instead, this revolutionary system uses Smart Soil, a nanomaterial designed to keep oxygen, water and pH at the perfect left for plant growth that’s faster than in your garden – with no nasty pesticides required.

Which of our kitchen innovations are you most tempted by? Share your pick with other readers below.