If you’re the kind of chap who loves our single watchwinder boxes, we’re willing to bet that you have something of a weakness for gadgets and gizmos of all stripes. Trust us, we know how you feel!

This week we’ve rounded up a selection of awesome bits of technology which will take you out of your man cave and send you off on secret missions and recognizance flights: a whole smorgasbord of stupidly cool drones, available at a range of price points, whether you just want to noodle around – or feel like doing some serious flying. Here are the three drones we most want to get our hands on…

1. AR Drone 2.0 by Parrot (£270.00)

AR Drone 2.0 by Parrot

The 720p HD camera on this offering from Parrot is nigh on impossible to beat, capturing photos and videos direct to your smartphone. Controlled via your phone, this drone is not the easiest to steer, but all the moves you could want come part and parcel – take off, land, hover and flip at height – all impressively safely.

2. X5C Quadcopter by Syma (£49.99)

X5C Quadcopter by Syma
Here’s a really low budget option for those of you looking to simply mess about with a very basic drone. The spec is, predictably, pretty low, but this little contraption most certainly does what it was designed for – capturing video and stills with a 2MP HD camera with a range of about 30 metres via radio controls.

3. Phantom 3 Standard by dji (£449)

Phantom 3 Standard by dji

If you want to create and capture truly outstanding photos and videos, this is the drone for you. Perfectly usable for novices but packed with some very impressive kit (including a camera which offers 2.7K HD videos and 12 MP photos taken using gimbal stabilization technology for a smooth look), this bad boy will fly for up to 25 minutes.

Do you want a drone to play with? Which model tempts you? Perhaps you already have a drone – do you have any recommendations for us and our readers? Share them below!