Spring may be (at long last) springing, but there are plenty of excuses to blow off the outside world and spend some quality time in your man cave this March. While a breath of fresh air and glimmers of springtime sunshine are hard to beat, this month’s top games certainly offer some compelling reasons to stay inside.

If you’re a devoted console twiddler, the Barrington’s watch winder team have hand-picked their thee favourite new games (released this month) that you could become dangerously obsessed with…

1. Dead Rising 4

You’re a former photojournalist investigating a military compound which spawned a zombie outbreak one year previously, back in 2021. What you discover could blow secret Government research wide open, which places you in grave danger. Thrilling, funny, satisfying and stupid by equal measure, Rising Dead 4 is a heap of zombified fun.

2. Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild

Explore and experience the world of Zelda as you never have before. Designed for the new Nintendo Switch, this new incarnation of the game includes all of your favourite Zelda tropes but transforms the adventure into a much more open-ended, exploratory, non-linear experience – giving you plenty of time to be bedazzled by this amazing fantasy world before beating the big bosses.

3. Horizon: Zero Dawn

Astonishingly beautiful in a way which bears overstating – and then waxing lyrical about some more (until your friends are thoroughly bored) – Horizon: Zero Dawn finds you in a post-apocalyptic future surrounded by humanity-trouncing robots. As outcast human orphan Alloy, you must prove your abilities to gain acceptance and a place in this violent world. Did we mention that it’s gorgeous?

Which games are you addicted to right now? Will you be installing any of our picks this month? Share your favourites and your reviews with other readers below.