There’s an old myth that you can’t have both beauty and practicality. We beg to differ. Our beautiful single and double watchwinders blend good looks with complete functionality, keeping your timepieces ticking in style. But we’re not the only ones who know how to mesh the stylish with the practical…

With the temperature outside hovering somewhere between nippy and absolute brass monkeys, it’s no weather to be going gloveless. But how can you stay connected on the go without exposing your chilly digits to the elements? You could pick up a pair of cheap responsive gloves which hook you up but look nasty and feel even more unpleasant. Or, you could take our advice and check out our three favourite pairs of truly luxurious, “cut above the average” responsive gloves for gentlemen of taste…

1. Oliver in Camel, Honns

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Stunning camel-coloured leather makes this suave winter glove look every bit as luxurious as it feels. Sporting a super soft, super cosy eskimofur lining and a comfy wool cuff, this glove certainly ticks the “beautiful” box in our book. It’s supremely functional, too, with a conveniently responsive thumb and index finger pad which allow you to stay in touch while staying warm and looking top notch.

2. Northern Utility Gloves, Canada Goose

Made from impressively practical and high tech modern materials, this top of the line gloves from Canada Goose still manage to pack a punch in the style stakes. Made from water-resistant technical fabric, filled with down and lined with fleece, your fingers will be stupidly cosy in these puppies – oh, and they’re responsive too, of course!

3. Navy & Felt Leather Gloves, NN. 07

Understatedly stylish, this sleek and affordable pair of luxurious-feeling gloves combine beautiful deer leather with soft, warm felt and responsive thumb and fingertips to create a superb pair of gloves with work beautifully and look every bit as good.

Have you used responsive gloves before? Did they work for you? Do you have a favourite brand? Share your picks with other readers below.