There’s a big wide world out there waiting for you to grab a slice, so don’t oversleep. Last month we profiled some of the best espresso makers, perfect for giving you some get up and go in the mornings. This week we’re popping our timepieces into their watchwinder boxes and relying on 3 amazing alarm clocks, designed to wake you up in style. Forget about that same-old ringtone which is driving you to distraction and start the day smartly with our clever, hand-picked alarms…


1. The Barisieur (£200)


Quite possibly the best £200 a coffee addict will ever spend, this marvel of morning-time engineering is like your grandma’s teasmade, but seriously souped up. Effectively, the Barisieur is a case of Pimp My Teasmade. It’s got everything you could ever need or want for your perfect morning cuppa Joe, all ready to go even before you open your eyes, including a peltier cooler for milk, an LED display which adjusts to your environment and an airtight drawer for extras like sugar and biscuits.

2. Z-Band (around £38.00)


Does the sound of your alarm set your teeth on edge? Do you need to wake up before or after your partner? The Z-Band eliminates the need for nasty noisy wake up calls by waking you up with vibrations delivered through a sleek and handy wristband connected to handy Android and iPhone apps.

3. Lumie Bodyclock Starter (around £50.00)

How did people wake up on time before the invention of the alarm clock? Natural light, of course. Waking up due to changes in light is the most natural and non-invasive way to rouse yourself and to keep your bodyclock ticking over nicely. This clever contraption by Lumie will do just that, waking you gently with specially designed light.

Do you use an alarm clock to wake up? Do you have a favourite ringtone? How many times do you hit snooze? Share your morning alarm stories and picks with other readers below.

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