Feeling a bit tubby after a month of festive overindulgence? It’s time to get back to fitness this January. Yet getting your trainers on isn’t always the most tempting of prospects in the face of cold, dark evenings. If you’re struggling to get motivated, a soggy jog around the block can really your new fitness regime back. So why not try something new?

We’ve rounded up 3 interesting fitness trends coming to a gym near you in 2016 which might just push you to put your timepiece safely in its watchwinder box, swap it for a sweat band and get active in the New Year.

1. Competitive workouts

There’s not much better when it comes to motivation than a good dose of friendly (or not so friendly) competition. Across the UK, fitness sessions like those offered by Orangetheory Fitness are pitting gym-goers against each other with workouts which log and display your heart rate and calories burned as you run, row and lift.

2. Aerial Yoga

Sometimes the best way to get motivated is to try something new you’ve never done before. Aerial yoga is most certainly that, involving hanging from the ceiling to achieve impressive poses which increase strength, flexibility, muscle tone and balance.

3. Amenzone

With the strapline “Do more with less”, Amenzone fitness is all about getting back to basics with your exercise regime, using simple tyres and your own body weight as the class’s main pieces of equipment. With a focus on “primal fitness” this is a heavy duty class which aims to get you strong and lean through a series of heavy duty moves.

Are you preparing to get back into shape in 2016? Which classes and fitness regimes will you be giving a go? Have you tried any of the fitness trends on our list? Have your say with other fitness lovers below.