They say that a good craftsman never blames his tools, but sometimes amazing tools can make master craftsmen of us all. This week’s round up of “must haves” is for the culinarily inclined. Whether you’re an aspiring Blumenthal or think your pad thai beats your local restaurants hands down, we’ve hunted high and low for the kitchen gadgets which will take your kitchen game even further. Time to take off your timepiece, stash it safely in its watchwinder box, roll up your sleeves and get cooking…

1. Pantelligent Smart Frying Pan (£169.99)

Never burn another dish or overcook a steak ever again. This smart frying pan is connected to an app which will tell you precisely how hot to cook your piece de resistance and for how long, with a built in temperature gauge so you can never go wrong. Just tell it what you’re cooking and prepare to whip up a storm.

2. Somabar (around £325)

Who doesn’t enjoy cooking with their favourite tipple in hand? This insanely cool device will whip up cocktails which would take aeons to prepare by hand in a matter of seconds, from Tom Collins’ to Old Fashioneds. Chin chin!

3. GKilo by THINGK (TBC)

The chopping board which weighs your ingredients for you. Soon to be released for pre-order, this brilliant piece of smart kitchen technology will weight what you’ve chopped, display it chicly and share the information with your smartphone via an app.

4. Drop Scale (around £75)

Another ridiculously clever weighing gadget, this time in the form of a relatively traditional scale, but one which links with iPads and iPhones to help you stick to diets, throw recipes together in a flash, calculate your nutrition and much more besides.

Are you into both tech and cooking? What are your ultimate kitchen gadgets? Share them with other readers below.