We may specialise in beautifully crafted watchwinder boxes for traditional timepieces, but that doesn’t mean the Barringtons team don’t get excited by more future-facing, cutting edge technology. With every passing month, the virtual reality (VR) revolution inches a little closer.

From DIY cardboard headsets you can build to house your smartphone for a VR experience, to the latest in consumer gadgetry, VR is coming and it’s getting better and better. Are you ready to experience virtual reality in your man cave? We’ve rounded up our pick of the tech that’s available in 2016…

1. PlayStation VR (£346.99 pre-order)

The tech fiends of the digital world are very excited by this particular gizmo, coming to consumers in October 2016. PlayStation’s VR headset is ridiculously good looking compared to other offerings and radically under cuts Oculus Rift on price.

2. Oculus Rift (around £425.00 pre-order)

Oculus Rift

Speaking of Oculus Rift, this VR system has been the name on every VR fan’s lips for a very long time. A little clunky looking, this Xbox compatible device pitches itself as the future of VR and is set to start shipping in July 2016.

3. HTC Vive (£689.00 pre-order)

HTC Vive

Promise room-scale gameplay and impressive motion tracking, HTC Vive is another big-hitter coming soon to the VR marketplace, with shipping set to start in May 2016. Widely considered to be one of the most immersive headsets, this is the only one of the “Big Three” which allows users to roam from room to room while playing.

4. Sulon Q (Price unknown)

Sulon Q

Sulon Q is an outlier VR headset which remains a little mysterious. Set to launch in Spring 2016, no details about the headset’s price have yet been released. Its key points of difference? It runs on a Windows 10 architecture and promises to be “tether free”.

Are you planning to get stuck into the VR revolution? Which devices are you most excited about? Do you have any on pre-order? Have your say and debate your pick of the litter with other readers below.