Big on music? Give your man cave some serious bass and some serious technology with one of these top home audio systems for gentlemen who take music seriously. We’ve taken a good hard look at some of the best kit out there to bring you our definitive list of 5 multi-room, wireless sound systems which will make your man cave into a music lover’s Nirvana…

5. Unmonday



This innovatively designed speaker system, as you might have guessed, focusses a little more intently on style over substance (take a look at our exquisite single watch winders for a real lesson on how to balance substance and style!).

So far, it’s only Apple compatible, which rules loyal Android users out of the game. However, there are a lot of neat features (try rolling the hexagon over to skip a track!), including an in built WiFi receiver for each speaker.

4. Bose Sound Touch



Great sound, no need for a bridge, 3 varieties of speaker, wireless accessibility via pretty much any device – the Bose Sound Touch is not a bad little system. We like that you can load up preset buttons to take you straight to your favourite stream or station.

3. Samsung Shape



A slightly pricier option when you factor in that you’ll need a dedicated hub if you want to run this bad boy through a Samsung TV, the Samsung Shape is a pretty good Sonos alternative offering a nice, juicy bass and accessibility via Bluetooth and WiFi using the dedicated iOs and Android app. It’s the set up which may cost you, despite Shape’s relative simplicity to put together…

2. Pure Jongo

Pure Jongo


Bright, bold, colourful, with no requirement for a hard-wired router connection, Jongo is a good value pick in this market. The company have now put out 4 compatible speakers which you can control using the smart iOS and Android app. Bear in mind, however, that this is a streaming only service (although: bonus, you can also stream directly to your existing hi-fi player, if you have one).

1. Sonos



You know the saying “the original, and still the best”? Well, that’s the case when it comes to Sonos. The first on the wireless, multi-room scene, Sonos is still streaks ahead of the competition with the ability to stream from Spotify,, rdio and Deezer, work smoothly with the iPhone or Android app, an increasing bevvy of good looking, compatible speakers and much more to offer besides, Sonos is a great choice.

Which home speaker system do you use to rock your man cave? What’s been your experience with Sonos? Share your picks and opinions with our readers below.