Forget the Lynx effect, if you don’t want to smell like a changing room in a secondary school, it’s time to discover good smells for proper men. A good cologne is a necessity for gentlemen of taste and refinement, almost as essential as a single watch winder for the horologically inclined.

Yet finding the right fragrance and walking the line between smelling great and smelling heavily perfumed is no mean feat. To give you a helping hand, we’ve compiled a list of 5 highly recommended scents for men, so you can chose a cologne that gets it just right…

1. Pinaud Clubman

This incredibly affordable retro classic is enjoying a modern resurgence in popularity, thanks to its unmistakable “clean man smell”. Not powdery, not fussy, not pretentious – just crisp, clean and unmistakably masculine.

2. Acqua di Palma

First created in 1916, Acqua di Palma is a light gentlemen’s fragrance, imbued with the deliciously clean aroma of Sicilian citrus fruits. Very pleasant but certainly not overwhelming, this is a great, everyday, masculine scent.

3. Boss Pure

Modern men’s colognes often pursue clean, crisp “ocean” scents. Boss Pure does this very well, using an aquatic feeling fig water with fresh notes provided by subtle touches of lily and citrus.

4. Aramis

If you have a hankering for a slightly retro scent, Aramis has everything you’re looking for. You can almost hear the tinkling of ice in a scotch glass somewhere back in the 70s as you inhale. A little heavy, this warm woody cologne is a classic.

5 Green Irish Tweed

With a not insubstantial A list following, Creed’s Green Irish Tweed has attained an almost cult-like standing amongst gentlemen in the know. It’s success is down to a real feeling of modern masculinity. This cologne has subtle soft, floral notes in combination with musky sandalwood and cool vetiver.

Which men’s colognes do you wear? Do you have any recommendations for masculine fragrances? Share your picks with our esteemed readers below.