Fitbits, Jawbones, fitness app after fitness app; there are any number of fitness gadgets, tools and programmes hitting retailers and app stores at the moment. With so much fitness tech emerging, it’s not always easy to tell which bits of kit are worth your time and money and which are no more than a flash in the pan.

As you might have noticed, our watchwinder aficionados are more than interested in gadgetry, so we’ve put our sweatbands on and come up with our ultimate list of fitness tech worth investing in…

1. Jawbone – UpMove

If you’re considering investing in a bit of fitness tech, it’s worthwhile finding out whether or not this whole approach suits you and your lifestyle. As an introductory piece of kit which won’t break the bank (£39.99), Jawbone’s UpMove fitness tracker is a great start with virtually everything you could ask for from a gadget; from step counting and calorie logging, to sleep tracking, activity tracking and the ability to enter into duels with friends, family and other users.

2. Bragi – The Dash

If you’re a runner, The Dash from Bragi are fantastic. They’re a little pricey for headphones but with note-perfect sound, a completely unbudgeable fit and all the tracking features you could wish for, they’re a wireless investment which will pay off

3. SITU Scale

Fitness is only half the battle. Taking note of what you eat is a crucial part of staying healthy. This smart scale syncs with your iPad allowing you to cook without needing to laboriously count calories, vitamins, salt, fats, carbs…you name it, SITU will calculate it all.

4. FitBit Aria Smart Scale

Are you goal driven? This ridiculously smart scale doesn’t just measure and record the weight of up to eight different users, it also calculates their BMI, body fat and weight changes, storing all of the data wirelessly in a handy app.

5. Connected Pedal

Keen cyclist? The Connected Pedal is now available for pre-order and comes crammed with excellent features like speed, route, incline and calories trackers, plus an anti-theft function which alerts you if your bike is moved and gives you the power to track its whereabouts.

Do you use any fitness gadgets already? Which are your favourites? Share your thoughts with other readers below.