Here at Barrington’s we understand only too well the desire to keep your technology in superlative style. Our watchwinder boxes house your timepieces, keeping them ticking and in perfect condition, but they won’t do much for your other favourite gadget – your iPhone.

Enter: our top five list of the finest iPhone cases currently on the market, each with something special about them. Which of these luxurious men’s iPhone cases suits your style?

1. Leather Case in Cognac, Opperman

Premium natural leather from famed Belgian tannery Masure cloaks this beautifully made case. With a perfect fit and exceptional protection, this very good-looking, grown up option looks sharp and sophisticated. We want one in every colour, but this cognac shade is our favourite.

2. Black Impact Slate Cover, Roxxlyn

The striking but understated slate effect finish of this aluminium beauty from Roxxlyn feels as good as it looks, adding a hard, sophisticated elegance to your favourite handheld device. Other “stone” effects are available if you prefer a different take on the design.

3. Dauphine Leather Case, Dolce & Gabbana

Exquisite Dauphine leather in a striking green makes this case a pleasure to both hold and behold. With a black plastic shell, built to go the distance, this good-looking cover is a keeper.

4. Classic Case, Hardgraft

Truthfully, we want every iPhone case hardgraft makes, but this classic option is up there as one of our picks of the bunch. Featuring robust felted wool and vegetable leather accents, this is a beautifully designed, sophisticated option which stands out from the crowd without looking flashy.

5. Shell Case, Nodus

There’s more to this tan vegetable leather shell case than meets the eye. This case packs some impressive tech including a magnetic docking system (and free micro dock) and smart magnetic shielding.

Which is your favourite case from our collection? Come across any other Bobby Dazzlers? Share you picks and preferences with other readers below.