New year, new man. Just like keeping yourself in shape with a decent fitness regime and keeping your timepiece ticking with a quality watchwinder, keeping your overall appearance in top nick can take a bit of upkeep and investment.


If you’re keen to look your best in 2016, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s a burgeoning market for male grooming products out there, which means looking sharp is becoming easier, more specialised and much more bloke friendly. With a raft of male grooming goodies hitting the shelves in recent months, we thought we’d give you a quick January run down of some of the best bits of kit out there….

1. Acqua Di Parma Collezione Barbiere Shaving Gel

Acqua Di Parma Collezione Barbiere Shaving Gel

A classic product from a classic brand for men. This shaving gel from Acqua Di Parma feels indulgent and smells sensational – but not overpowering. Expect zero razor burn and a pleasingly smooth finish.

2. Sisleyouth Moisturiser

Sisleyouth Moisturiser

This new moisturiser from Sisley is a real winner. Lightweight, invigorating and designed to keep your skin hydrated without clogging it up, this is a solid investment for your skincare regimen.

3. Scalp Purifying Shampoo Scalp Purifying Shampoo

Smells awesome, cleans awesome, feels awesome; leaving you with a fresh scalp and hair with the perfect texture for styling or a quick wash & go.

4. Anthony Glycolic Exfoliating & Resurfacing Wipes

Anthony Glycolic Exfoliating & Resurfacing Wipes

Top notch for a quick clean after a hard workout, these face wipes are handily packaged and excellent for cutting through sweat plus daily grease and grime to help give your skin a fresh texture.

5. Clinique For Men Sonic System Cleansing Brush

Clinique For Men Sonic System Cleansing Brush

It might sound like a gimmick, but we’ll guarantee you’ll be gobsmacked by just how fresh and clean this gizmo leaves your skin feeling but getting right into all of those areas you simply can’t cleanse with your hands. Revelatory!

Do you have an ultimate male grooming product you’d recommend to others? Share your picks and tips with other Barrington readers below.