Teaching yourself the banjo? Taken up bouldering? Want to perform better at the gym? Hand grip strengtheners are handy gizmos to have in your man cave. We may be the watchwinder experts, but our timepiece-obsessive team also have an eye for other great gadgets. To help you pluck arpeggios more fluently, clamber more effectively and pump iron for longer, we’ve rounded up five of our favourite grip strengtheners available online. Ready, steady – squeeze!

1. Hand Grip, John Lewis

Affordable and well made, this sleek and sensible option from John Lewis will stand up to even the strongest of grips, helping you increase the hand, finger and wrist strength. Unobtrusive but well-designed, this is a neat addition to your desk or coffee table.

2. Handmaster Plus

A good looking and fun alternative to the traditional hand strengthener, the Handmaster Plus is available in three varieties; soft for beginners, medium for everyday training and firm for really taking your grip to a whole other, iron-like level.

3. GD Grip Pro 70

Widely available on Amazon and Ebay with UK delivery, this super adjustable, heavy duty, patented hand grip offers resistance of 20-70kg and is made from steel and plastic which will go the distance over the long term.

4. 321 Strong Finger Strengthener

Another variety of grip enhancer which especially good for boosting finger strength – great for musicians and climbers – as well as a therapy tool. This handy contraption offers 4lb of resistance for each finger.

5. Gripmaster Heavy

Ready to upgrade from the 321? This stylishly designed option from Gripmaster will bump you up to 9lb of resistance for each finger, ideal for weightlifters and serious climbers looking to boost stamina and strength.

Have you tried using hand grip strengtheners before? How long did you keep up the habit and what results did you see? Share your experiences with other readers below.