Sometimes we all need a little rest and relaxation, but if you’d like to expand your mind while spending some good quality R&R time in your man cave, there’s little better than an incisive and engaging podcast.

We’ve rounded up five of the very best podcasts for modern Renaissance men to enjoy from their easy chairs, which means it’s time to take off your timepiece, put it to rest in your luxurious single watch winder, pour yourself a hard-earned tipple and rest up with one of these brain-boosting shows…

1. This American Life

At Barringtons we may produce best of British design, but our cousins over the pond have some exceptionally good podcasts to tune into. This American Life is one the the greatest radio shows of recent times, sharing themed stories in each hour long episode on subjects as diverse as Testosterone, education and time travel.

2. Song Exploder

Are you a dedicated museo? This musical podcast approaches music in an entirely new way, inviting artists to deconstruct their songs and walk us through their creation step by step. It makes for incredible listening which offers real insight into the minds of musicians like Death Cab for Cutie, U2, Spoon, White Hinterland and Best Coast.

3. Love + Radio

This anarchic podcast is all about stories, told directly by incredible people. The latest episode tells the tale of half-Irish, half-Libyan Sam Najjair who left his native Ireland to join the struggle for freedom from the tyranny of Gaddafi. Tune in for powerful tales, extraordinary characters and truly escapist stories.

4. Radiolab

Expand your mind with science. Radiolab covers fascinating topics from across the science spectrum, from the table of elements to the science that lurks behind the art of deception.

5. Men in Blazers

Are you a football fanatic? So are the Men in Blazers. In each episode, hosts Roger Bennett and Michael Davies explore the latest footballing news, views and issues alongside the biggest names and the biggest fans in the sport. Get listening for a smarter take on football.

Which are your favourite podcasts for prime man cave listening? Share your picks with other gents below.

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