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The weather outside may be frightfully cold, but this season’s raft of video games are delightfully addictive and perfect for keeping you entertained in your man cave through the colder months.

Whether you’re having a Dry January and looking for entertainment away from the pub, or simply looking for some fresh games to blow off some steam, the trigger happy Barrington Watchwinder team has rounded up their favourite video games of 2016/17.

1. FIFA 17

There’s been a whole bunch of hype surrounding FIFA 17, and for good reason. This new FIFA iteration is something pretty special, with an innovative Frostbite game engine which ensures players feel even close to the action and more emotionally invested with every kick.

2. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Adventure abounds in this blockbusting Uncharted sequel, with all the big budget, eye-popping visuals, locations and set pieces you’d expect. At the heart of this game, however, beats an unexpectedly emotionally mature heart, which keeps all the usual adventuresome, artefact-plundering clich├ęs enjoyable.

3. Forza Horizon 3

In the mood for some straight up racing? Forza Horizon 3 is the only title worth looking at this winter. Astonishing Australian scenery and stupidly fun vehicles make this an out-and-out, hyper-realistic winner.

4. Overwatch

Live out your superhero fantasies in Overwatch, a first person shooter which completely blows its predecessors out of the water. This interactive comic book totally re-imagines how team players must interact and work together to win.

5. Dark Souls 3

Incredibly visually striking, the twisted, trap-laden universe of Dark Souls returned in 2016 to enthral and perplex players. A huge, sprawling game, this gruesome world doesn’t hold your hand through each new plot twist, instead it forces you to think for yourself. It’s compelling stuff.

Which video games will you be playing in your man cave this winter? Share you picks and preferences with other readers below.