It may take you outside the comfort of your man cave, but is there any culinary skill more primally masculine than the art of BBQ? With summer hot-footing it to British shores any day now, it’s time to fire up the grill, pop your precious timepiece safely in its single watch winder safely away from meat juices and try these ultimate barbecue recipes…

1. Stuffed Beer Can Bacon Burgers

The BBQ Pit Boys take meat very seriously and laugh in the face of cholesterol. Meet: The beer can bacon burger. Moulded around a beer can, wrapped in bacon and stuffed with a frankly ungodly mix of beef hash, fried onion and jack cheese. If you can take one of these bad boys down in one sitting, we at Barringtons salute you.

2. BBQ Pizza

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No, we’re not talking about pizza with a barbecued meat topping, we’re talking about pizza cooked on the barbie. Sounds weird, actually makes perfect sense. Traditionally pizza ovens are all about high, high heats. That’s how they achieve such a deliciously crisp base all in a matter of minutes. Most conventional at-home ovens aren’t up to the task, but the heat from your BBQ grill is perfect for rustling up an al fresco pizza feast.

3. Best Ever BBQ Ribs

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And now for something a little more traditional, albeit honed to something nearing meat-based fine art. These incredible, falling-from-the-bone, tangy, caramelised pieces of goodness are all about a (frankly ludicrous) amount of preparation. But if you’ve got nothing better to do on a summer’s afternoon, these creations are going to be worth the wait.

4. Lecho Asado (Cuban BBQ Pork)

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We now head to Cuba for a serious dose of flavour, packed into some particularly mouthwatering pork. Seasoned with citrus, oregano, cumin and a whole lot of garlic (a traditional mojo criolla marinade) this big, meaty feast will serve 10 and take a couple of hours to grill to perfection.

5. BBQ Meatball Sandwich

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This is the sandwich Subway’s meatball marinara wishes it could be. Quick to make, fast to grill and full of Italian flavour, these beauties make for a seriously sublime summertime sandwich. Bellissimo.

Do you have an ultimate BBQ recipe you can’t wait to cook up this summer? Share your favourites with other hungry readers below.