A Kurt Cobain poster and the odd playboy bunny may have been fine for your teenage bedroom, but your man cave needs something more refined. You’re a grown sophisticated gentleman now, the kind who appreciates the finer things in life; a well cut shirt, a beautifully made dual watch winder, a fine merlot…

With your increasingly refined predilections, picking out the perfect prints for your man cave should be no bother but, if you’re lacking in artistic inspiration, we’ve compiled 6 striking and all-round manly artworks…

1. Guernica – Pablo Picasso

1. Guernica

A harrowing piece, but a seminal work of art regardless. Guernica details, in Picasso’s inimitable abstract style, the horrors of the Spanish Civil War and, indeed, of war in general. Not the cheeriest of subjects, but the striking monotone palette and stark figures make for a spectacular piece of masculine art.

2. Detroit Industry – Diego Rivera


The older lover of famed Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera was known for his large murals, influenced in style and theme by traditional Mexican folk art. Yet his finest works portray a much grittier, more purely masculine side of life. In Detroit Industry, a 447 ft masterpiece made up of 27 fresco panels, the grime, toil and industry of life in 1930’s Industrial America are explored.

3. Whaam – Roy Lichtenstein

3. Detroit Industry

Lichtenstein used a pop art sensibility to create eye-catching art with an indubitably masculine edge. From simple pop art prints of hardware tools to comic book creations like his most famous work Whaam, this is art with a heavily masculine influence.

4. Rain Over Auvers – Vincent Van Gogh


Virtually any Van Gogh piece is suffused with the masculine. Even in the most innocuous and pretty still life, his feverish brush strokes belie a masculine mind unraveling. Rain Over Auvers is a particularly mournful, isolated, rain-streaked example, full of the malign and portentous shadows of crows…

5. Two Tahitan Women – Paul Gaugin

5. Tahitan

With an eye for the exotic (and the fairer sex) Gaugin’s aggressively coloured paintings are not well-loved by everyone. Yet there’s indisputable manliness at the heart of both his style and choice of subjects.

6. Refreshing and Delicious – Sir Eduardo Paolozzi

6. Paolozzi

Another pop art big shot, Paolozzi’s bright and quirky collages are sexy, smart and endlessly cool to look at. Ideal for a man cave in need of a dash of color.

Do you have a favorite “manly” artwork or artist to add to our list? Who do you have on your man cave wall? Let us know below. 

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