Are you looking for a coffee table which blends functionality with masculinity? Do you need something to put your feet, cigar box and snifters on that looks the part in your man cave? Whether you’re looking for the perfect spot for your single watch winder or the best place for your collection of retro comics, these 6 pieces of beautifully-designed furniture are pure suave…

1. The Andrew Martin Columbus Table

1 (3)


A sleek glass top, mounted on a contemporary iron base results in this magnificent, industrial-style coffee table.

2. Gorge by Ramei Keum

2 (2)


A ravishingly modern design made from powder-coated steel, complete with carefully designed slots for magazines and a seriously elemental feel.

3. Trio Table by Rick Lee

3 (3)


They say that three is the magic number, and this 3-part design from Rick Lee is certainly testament to that. With plenty of space for gizmos, gadgets, fine beverages and masculine sundries, this is a truly ergonomically designed wonder of a coffee table.

4. Woodsman’s Axe Table


If you like your interior design a little quirky, this seamless, hyper-masculine table may just tickle your fancy. With legs made from 4 embedded axes, this table is certainly a talking point.

6. Wood Charring & Molten Aluminium Table

Soe Ker Tie House, Noh Bo, Tak, Thailand



Israeli designer Hilla Sharmia specialises in this great-looking molten aluminium and charred wood technique which results in truly impressive, rustic-yet-futuristic creations. We can’t get enough.

6. G-CT Coffee Table



A polished and tempered black glass top, matte black base, modern design and a very impressive amount of internal storage space make this a coffee table to covet.

Which tables on our list could you picture in your man cave? Do you prefer your surroundings hyper-modern or rustic? Share your opinions with our other watch winders below!