Comfortable sofas with conveniently located beer holders and reclining footrests may be a man cave staple, but is it truly possible to be more relaxed than when hanging out in a hammock?

Once the preserve of beaches and gardens, today the humble hammock is coming inside, and totally challenging your preconceptions of just how chilled you can be in your own personal space. In fact, these indoor hammock designs are liable to make you feel so chilled, you’ll forget you even need to use your Barringtons watchwinder.

To help you get in the mood, and to open your eyes (before closing them!) to your revolutionary new relaxing spot, we’ve compiled a bumper collection of truly excellent indoor hammocks. Prepare to get jealous, and then get online shopping, because these hammocks will change your man cave forever…

1. The Full Net

The Full Net Hammock

Via Buzzfeed

Not so much a hammock as a full net designed to suspend you in a state of total relaxation and bliss. If you have an unusually shaped space, make the most of ceiling height by installing a huge hammock.

2. Hanging Out

Big Hammock

Via Buzzfeed

Another big, statement indoor hammock here. Lie down, chill out, feel like the coolest guy in existence.

3. Just Plain Simple

Simple Hammock

Via Cabbage Rose Tumblr

But there’s no need to stray too far from tradition for a dose of hammock goodness. This plain and simple option will more than do the trick – ideal for a quick battle nap.

4. The New Black

Black Hammock

Via La Coolet Chic Tumblr

Of course, if you’re in the market for something a little bit more sophisticated, there are plenty of options which offer decadent style in spades.

5. The Classic

Classic Hammock

Via Design Sponge

But then again, sometimes you just can’t go wrong by going back to basics. A net hammock, a summer’s breeze, a cold beer.

Would you consider hanging a hammock in your man cave? Which style do you favour? Have your say below.