With England heading into the semi-finals, we’ve seen a lot of Gareth Southgate and his stylish waistcoat – we’ve even seen a lookalike making moves in the audience, but what’s that glistening on his wrist?

Gareth Southgate Watch - Fifa WorldCup 2018

The wristwatch is an accessory found on most coaches during the games, in which they spend their last excruciating moments counting down to the 90th minute. Gareth Southgate is no exception.

Specifically designed for the World Cup, the Hublot Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia is a smart watch for the devotees and the timepiece sitting on the England coaches wrist this year.

Hublot Big Bang Referee World Cup 2018

Despite having all the tech and applications of a smart watch, the features that take the limelight are the ones specifically for the game.

– 15 minute reminders before the start of a game (Hoping Gareth doesn’t need the reminder!)
– Every time a goal is scored ‘Goal’ comes up in big letters.
– During every match statistics are shown including goal scorers, yellow cards & more.

If you haven’t been idling Southgate’s wrist recently, then you’ve probably also noticed the watch on the referees which is specially-made versions that connect with goal-line technology to indicate if the recent ball went in or not.

A clever piece of tech during the World Cup 2018.

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