Watch Repair Kits

Barrington Watch Repair Kits 

Watches are complex, delicate and intricate pieces of machinery so it’s not surprising that sometimes things can go wrong. If you’re unsure as to what exactly has gone wrong with your timepiece, or if the watch glass is scratched, we always recommend taking your watch to a professional for repair. However, there are occasions when you can carry out a simple fix yourself. 

At Barrington, our stylish, elegant and comprehensive watch repair kits come with everything you’ll need to make simple repairs at home. Our watch repair kits include a range of handy tools such as link pin removers, extra link pins and three link pin pushers for small repairs to the strap. To assist with small repairs to the face and mechanism of your timepiece, our watch repair kits also include tools such as a hand remover, wrench bits and a spring bar remover. 

A Barrington watch repair kit can help keep your timepieces in the best possible condition, from assisting you with small repairs to keeping your watch looking its very best. We also sell stylish watch cases to keep your timepieces protected when travelling, as well as a range of quality precision engineered watch winders, to keep your watches wound while you’re not wearing them.