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Single Watch Winders

Single Watch Winders

The compact and stylish Barrington automatic single watch winder offers an elegant and efficient way to keep a single timepiece wound while you're not wearing it. Available in a range of striking colours, our watch winders combine a simple, classic design with quality precision engineering that includes an ultra-quiet Japanese motor and multiple rotation settings.

The single watch winder box applies a gentle rotation method to wind watches. Unlike some other winders on the market & particularly older models & our products don't rotate continuously, as this can lead to overwinding and potentially damage watch mechanisms. Instead, Barrington watch winders pause regularly between each one-minute rotation cycle, as well as resting for 12 hours in every 24. This means you can be sure that your watch is never at risk of being overwound.

Barrington single winders can be set to rotate clockwise, anti-clockwise or alternating, and can be switched to 650, 750, 850, 1,000 or 1,950 turns per day to suit any weight of watch. If you have multiple watches that need winding, check out our auto watch winder range for multi-watch winders that can accommodate up to 12 pieces simultaneously. We also sell quality watch winder safes and watch accessories including watch repair kits and stylish watch cases.